Organizations today faces an increased complexity in managing their IT infrastructure. Having their assets spread across physical, virtual, and cloud environments, there is no doubt organizations is into the cloud.

Though the clouds numerous benefits offered including organizations IT team’s increased level of agility, there are still issues that come along as maintaining a certain level of stability to manage and control your entire enterprise environment seeks an IT solution for it.

Fortunately, there is an IT solution called Operations Management Suite (OMS) made available just to cater those issues faced by organizations.

Operations Management Suite (OMS) by Microsoft is an IT solution for organizations that have moved and embraced the infinite possibilities of the cloud. OMS provides a single solution built to manage your entire enterprise environment regardless of location, operating system, hypervisors, or cloud provider choices.

Imagine using a single console to manage and secure Windows and Linux workloads across your own datacenter, Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack, and VMware environments.

Embedded with strong passion to innovation and effective IT solutions, POdevs prides itself in delivering Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS) which extends your System Center investments and helps simplify management of your datacenter assets wherever they are moved.

We will help you leverage OMS as it takes Microsoft IT management solutions to the cloud, enabling greater control and new capabilities across a hybrid cloud environment.